Monday, October 8, 2007

My life is rough

Life has been treating me pretty well and I am pretty lucky to have some real friends around me. Just that too much moving in the past few years made it hard to keep my old friends around me. Hope Lava gives me a chance to meet some nice people in my area.

I’ve been told that I am spontaneous and very down-to-earth. I enjoy outdoor and sports. I do jogging, belly dancing and kickboxing in regular basis (I mean, “twice a week”). It will be really nice if I can meet someone who enjoy the same thing (not a must but it will be really nice.)

I am well traveled and I spent a good amount of time living abroad. I enjoy meeting people from different culture and see their points of view about world issues. I value opinions from different perspective and mutual respect. I am not judgmental and I believe nobody should.

Ok, since we are on a dating website, I'm looking for a milfseeker, someone like described on the milf seeker blog .... I am TALL, DARK, HOT and SEXY and I work out quite a bit. I am not shallow or skin deep. It’s just that I try to take care of myself. Enough about myself, how about you?

Thursday, September 6, 2007

The Beauty of Photoshop

Ninhajaba was originally started to allow the author to share their Photoshop work with others and it was something that did prove popular for a while. Photoshop is such a magical piece of software and it allows you to produce the most incredible images but Photoshop is definitely not very everyone.

I’ve worked with Photoshop for many years now but all of my work has been concentrated on using it as a tool to enhance or correct photos that I’ve taken and to prepare them for publication on the Web. Others, including my partner, use Photoshop to produce graphic advertising and marketing images or even the beautiful works of true art that you might have seen here in the past.